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over 7 years ago

Submit your apps in advance!

Hi developers!  We are approaching the final stretch...there are 30 days left to submit your application, but that doesn’t mean you need to wait until the last minute.  In fact, I encourage you to submit early!  Early submissions receive two benefits:

  1. You and your team avoid being rushed in the final hours of the contest (and risk missing the deadline!). Teams can keep editing up until the deadline, even after you have submitted!
  2. We will be reviewing submissions as they are received. So, if you are able to submit before the June 30th deadline, we can review your app early on and alert you to any potential issues.   If you have specific technical questions, this can be to your advantage as well.

So, I highly suggest going ahead and submitting early if you can!  Feel free to drop us a note at with any questions.