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over 7 years ago

New Knurld API User Interface

Hello Hackers!   

We have now launched an interactive UI to help you explore the functions of our API.  To use this UI, please navigate to the following site in your browser:   


Here are some guidelines on how to navigate each tab:   

  1. Admin Login 
    • Screenshot: Admin Login Page
    • Enter the ClientId, ClientSecret and DeveloperID on the login screen
    • Click the Login button 
    • You will be navigated to the main dashboard
  2. App Model 
    • Screenshot: App Model
    • Admins can view/edit/delete the existing app model, or add a new model
    • To add a new model, click the Create button
    • Select Vocabulary Minimum 3
    • Click the Save button to save the application model 
    • Click on the Consumer tab on the left panel to navigate to the Consumer screen
  3. Consumers
    • Screenshot: Consumers
    • Admins can view/edit/delete existing Users, or add new Users
    • To add new Users, click the Create button
    • Add a Username and Password for each User and click on the Save button.  
    • You can logout from here to use the User credentials, or continue as Admin
    • **Consumer Login: In the admin interface, click logout and then click the user login button on the right bottom corner.  You can also use this link: Consumer Login 
  4. User Login  
    • Screenshot: User Login
    • Enter the Admin's ClientIdClientSecret and DeveloperID in the login screen, and username and password of Consumers
    • Users can view the Application Model and Consumer tabs, but Users cannot add/update/delete, as they do not have permission 
    • Clicking on Enrollment will navigate Users to the Enrollment screen
  5. Enrollment
    • Screenshot: Enrollment
    • Click on the Create and Enroll button.  This will open a popup window for enrollment
    • Select Application Model and Consumer 
    • After making the selection, the User will need to provide voice input.  Users can upload a recorded voice, or provide the URL containing a .wav file on Dropbox, S3, or Google Drive
    • If you want to record voice, use Chrome or FireFox browsers.  Phrases must be spoken in the order given. For example, if your app model uses 'Boston', 'Chicago' and 'Pyramid', and Enrollment is repeated 3 times, then you have to submit the voice recording as 'Boston Boston Boston Chicago Chicago Chicago Pyramid Pyramid Pyramid'.  This order matters for the UI, not for the API
    • Click Start Recording, say the word(s) in order.  Once done, click Stop Recording.  After you are finished, click the Enroll button
    • Once enrollment is successful, click the Verification tab 
  6. Verification 
    • Screenshot: Verification
    • Click on the Create tab, select Application Model and Consumer. 
    • Click Save
    • Once a Verification object is added, click on Update Column Image to update Verification (Follow the same process as Enrollment to complete Verification)
    • Once Verification is passed, the row will turn Green.  Otherwise, the row will display in Red.

For questions, email