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Providing method to enter "Client ID" and "Client Secret"

Do we I need to provide a method for user to enter their "Client ID" and "Client Secret"?


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    Will a properties file method work and be secure with an Android app that only provides an APK?

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    Hi Brian, right now we do not have "Client ID" and "Client Secret" for User.
    To call API for users we have to get token for the user and use as developerID in the subsequent calls. (Remember for all API's we have to use Admin token)

    Basically API Post: https://api.knurld.io/v1/consumers/token
    returned token as the Developer_id in the HTTP header in subsequent API calls made on behalf of this specific consumer. The parameter should be formatted with the “Bearer: ” prefix, See Appendix 2 for more information.

    More info is here: https://developer.knurld.io/developer-guide

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