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Registered but did not receive developer id and API is in "Revoked" status


I received my verification email for my knurld account and clicked the "Activate" button in the email. This email did not contain a developer id. I am now able to log into my account, but when I do, on the "My APIs" page, the Knurld.io Advanced Speech Technology APIs says that it is in "Revoked" status. Under "Client_id", it says, "Some products associated with this application are in revoked status." Are these issues related? Any ideas about what could cause this?

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EDIT: I see that I actually received the developer id in a separate email approx. 24 hours after I posted this. I'm leaving the question here in case anyone else encounters the same thing or suffers from the same level of impatience that I do. The registration process for me went like this:

1. Register
2. Wait ~24 hours
3. Receive Verification email
4. Activate
5. Wait ~24 hours
6. Receive email with developer id
7. API is in "Approved" status


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